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Esta pequeña zona de informacion es para todos aquellos que son muy flojos para leer e intenta llegar al punto :
Benjamin Lochmann, quien es responsable de la pagina www.paginawebgratis.es, certifica que la provision de los dominios son libres de cargo (consideracion: publicidad agregada)
Los consumidores en el sentido de estos terminos y condiciones es cualquier persona establecida sin ninguna actividad comercial o trabajador por cuenta propia, ese termino es aplicado a dichas personas. Empresarios en el sentido de estos terminos y condiciones son personas fisicas o juridicas o cualquier asociacion o firma no corporativa que su relacion de negocio haya sido establecida en forma comercial o con proposito de trabajo por cuenta propia profecional. Compradores en el sentido de estos terminos y condiciones son ambos consumidores y empresas.

acuerdo del derecho de revocacion por ventas remotas (BGB § 312d):
- El consumidor (Codigo civil aleman § 13) tendra derecho de hacer uso de su derecho de anulacion (Codigo civil aleman § 355) en caso de un acuerdo de venta remota. El consumidor tendra derecho de anular el acuerdo sin tener que dar ninguna razon en las dos semanas siguientes a la recepcion de la mercancia de acuerdo a las dispociciones legales. Esta anulacion puede ser hecha por escrito o regresando la mercancia. con el fin de anular a tiempo, el envio a la siguiente direccion deberia ser suficiente:
webme GmbH Virchowstraße 20B 90409 Nuremberg (Alemania)
- El consumidor debe cubrir los costos por regresar la mercancia, si la mercancia entregada se ajusta a la mercancia entregada y su precio no supera los 40 Euros, o el comprador en caso de un precio mas alto de ls mercancia al momento de la anulacion no ha proporcionado argumentos o algun acuerdo de pago parcial. Si este no es el caso, webme GmbH cubrira el costo de regreso. El costo por regreso sera reembolzado por webme GmbH por metodo de envio mas economico. (Envio de correo estandar de Deutsche Post AG). El comprador de cumplir cualquier obligacion por el reembolso de el pago 30 dias despues de la fecha de envio de la declaracion de anulacion
- Reductions in value due to a use in accordance with the intended purpose shall be reimbursed by the consumer, unless such reduction is only attributable to testing of the goods. Reductions in value can be avoided by handling the goods with care, and if installation of the components is effected by qualified and authorized technical staff exclusively. - There shall be no revocation right for software, software licenses and DVDs which have been de-labelled by the consumer. Such right of revocation shall also be excluded for goods which have been produced in accordance with customer?s specifications. Such right of revocation shall be excluded, in particular, in case of a service, where the entrepreneur has commenced rendering his services with the express consent by consumer prior to the end of the revocation term or if the consumer has initiated it himself. § 1 General Participation in the services of webme GmbH shall be subject to the following terms and conditions of webme GmbH. Upon using the services of webme GmbH and upon using the services offered, the user declares to use these services in accordance with applicable laws and these General Terms and Conditions. § 2 Registration conditions In order to use services offered on www.paginawebgratis.es, prior registration shall be required. Anyone who fills in the registration form completely and specifies true data (?registration data?) will receive a free website at [username].es.tl. The customer will be granted a nickname and a password which will be sent to him by e-mail (?user data?). By clicking on a personal link in this e-mail, the e-mail address of the registered person will be verified. Each person who registers on paginawebgratis.es, shall give full and true registration data and shall keep them updated from time to time. These user data shall be kept confidential by the member. Registration is free of charge. The member agrees to receive the newsletter of paginawebgratis.es. Membership and any services associated with it shall be used for personal purposes only and shall not be assignable. § 3 Scope of services webme GmbH offers their customers the technical possibility to create a website on the servers of the webme GmbH without having to be skilled in web programming or without the need for any profound server technology knowledge or the like. § 4 Costs and terms of payment The services offered on www.paginawebgratis.es are free of charge, provided nothing different has been agreed upon. To the extent that services are offered with cost, the member shall be informed separately about the costs incurred by such service and about the terms of payment before use. To the extent that services with cost are offered by third parties on Internet pages on www.paginawebgratis.es, an agreement is made directly with these third parties. In case that goods or services are being offered through the members of the www.paginawebgratis.es services, any agreements shall be made exclusively between the customer and the provider of these transactions. § 5 Data privacy Collection and processing of personal customer data shall be done exclusively subject to the statutory provisions of the Federal Data Privacy Law (BDSG) and the Teleservices Data Protection Law (TDDSG). Any personal customer data regarding the contractual relationship shall only be collected, processed, used and passed on to partners commissioned to the extent this is required for the establishment and realization of a service agreement. In case of agreements made by electronic transaction, the information of the user procedure shall be stored and shall be accessible to webme GmbH employees who are involved in the handling of such agreement only. § 6 Third-party industrial property rights The member shall be responsible for controlling and securing the contents of his webpage, since webme GmbH?s has influence on the link only, but not on the contents of the web pages to which a link is established with the help of the free domains. Each member shall be responsible that their pages comply with all applicable laws. The following contents shall not be permitted, in particular: 1.Any use of copyrighted publication without the express consent of the originator or the owner of the exploitation right; no copyrighted works of music or motion pictures or third-party software shall be offered for downloading or shall not be copied in any other way, either, in particular, without their express consent. 2. Dissemination of contents the distribution of which is prohibited by law. 3. Dissemination of pornographic materials and images. 4. Any invitation to commit crimes or to participate in committing crimes. 5. Any material that is a defamation, insult or threat to others.. In the event that damages are claimed or injunctions are asserted against webme GmbH based upon any such violation as outlined above, the party that applied for such free domain shall indemnify us against such claims for damages upon first request. § 7 Hyperlinks webme GmbH or any third parties may create links to other websites (?sites?) or sources. webme GmbH shall have no control over such sites and sources and shall neither be responsible nor liable for the availability of such external sites or sources, shall not possess any contents which are accessible on these sites or sources and shall exclude any liability or warranty with respect to such sites or sources provided webme GmbH is not aware of the unlawfulness of the contents. The links are created by the user to a major extent. Due to their large number it is technically impossible to check all the contents by webme GmbH employees. If there are any links to external pages on webme GmbH pages on which third parties have published any unlawful contents, such provider of service shall remove the link to such page upon request. webme GmbH shall neither be liable for any increasing traffic volume on any linked page. Users of www.paginawebgratis.es shall before establishing a link to an external page ensure that the provider has no objections against a link to such external page. Further, the user shall identify external links by setting the contents of the linked page into a new frame. In the event that damages are claimed against webme GmbH based upon such link, the member concerned shall indemnify us against such claims for damages upon first request. webme GmbH may remove any link irrespective of whether such removal is justified or not and will do so, as soon as the provider of the page concerned raises any objections against such link. The member shall in no case be permitted to make links to pages offering contents which are unlawful or run against morals, encourage racism, which glorify or minimize violence (§ 131 German Civil Code), glorify war or which are suitable to materially threaten the morals of children or juveniles or which affect their well-being, which may damage the reputation of webme GmbH, which are pornographic or which refer to any offers with such contents. § 8 Termination The provider shall reserve the right to cancel accounts even without giving any reasons and to terminate the contractual relationship without stating any reasons without notice. That is why backup copies of web pages should be made. If not terminated, the contract shall continue for an indefinite period of time and can be terminated by both parties. The provider warrants that domains shall not be newly registered by webme GmbH or any of its shareholders for a term of at least 6 months after termination of the account. § 9 Safeguarding provision If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions should be held partially or fully invalid, such invalid provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. § 10 Place of performance and place of jurisdiction In case of any disputes which arise from the contractual relationship between webme GmbH and the customer, an action shall be brought before the court of jurisdiction at the place where the headquarters of webme GmbH are located, if the customer is an entrepreneur, a legal person of public law or a public special asset. webme GmbH shall be further authorized to file a lawsuit at the domicile of the customer. This agreement shall be subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany only.
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